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Slab Repair

Fixing Your Foundation and Keeping You Stable

The foundation of your home or business is the point of stability for the building to remain standing. Concrete slabs can become unstable when they are exposed to leaks, a settlement in the soil, or years of wear and tear. We use the best equipment to get your foundation back to level.

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What Is Used for Slab Repair?

We use an array of pier types to stabilize concrete slabs and level your residential or commercial structure. DURASTEEL piers and concrete pilings are installed under load-bearing surfaces making them important to the stability of your building.

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Call Us When You See a Problem

If you notice signs of a problem, such as cracked masonry, cracks in the walls or any other issue, time is of the essence. The faster we can fix the issue, the better off your home or office building will be.

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Causes of Foundation Failure

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Soil-settlement collapse
  • Drainage issue
  • Root problems and many others