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Fast Commercial & Residential Structure Repairs

Home Services Foundation Repair Inc. is a locally owned and operated foundation repair company that strives to deliver an excellent customer experience while building relationships with the homeowners and business owners of our community. A foundation that is not structurally sound can lead to hazardous conditions on your property. Our experienced team can provide the solutions you need to fix the problem and prevent further structural damage. Call Home Services Foundation Repair Inc. today for a free estimate.

Foundation Repair Services


Pier & Beam Repair

If you have a pier and beam foundation and you're noticing sagging or creaking in your flooring, you may be in need of pier and beam foundation repair services from Home Services Foundation Repair Inc.
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Slab Repair

One of the first things people notice when they have a slab foundation that has been compromised is cracks in interior or exterior walls. This is one of many things that indicate problems in your slab foundation.
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Concrete slab foundations may settle due to soil condition or simply suffer from years of wear and tear as the climate changes over the course of the year. A quick solution to these problems is Mudjacking
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French Drains

French drains help to divert water away from your home and alleviate your pain of soggy yards, wet basements, or unstable concrete slab foundations. French Drains are the key to controlling the flow of water and protecting your property.
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Proud To Be Locally Owned and Operated

Home Services Foundation Repair Inc. is proud to be the solution to your foundation repair. For nearly 4 decades we have provided foundation repair services to the homeowner and business owners in our community. We can save you money on repairs but getting the job done without the removal of tubs, showers, and cabinets. Home Services Foundation Repair Inc. is your one-stop shop repair company. You might need an inspection on your home's foundation if you see cracks in the walls or bricks. Our technicians at Home Services Foundation Repair Inc. will inspect your property for any damage to determine the cause and fix the problem.
Contractor working on a home — Home Services Foundation Repair in Fordyce, AR
If you are in need of foundation repair, call Home Services Foundation Repair Inc.. Serving all of Arkansas, North Louisiana, and Memphis, Tennessee. (877) 256-7900